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Susan Brady
Issue 78 April / May 2014

Susan Brady applies her personal brand of energy and enthusiasm to bear on mega-projects for offices, performing arts, museums, education, and healthcare. Vilma Barr finds out about Brady’s principle of thinking big. more...

Anne Bureau
Issue 77 February / March 2014

Olivia Collette talks to French lighting designer Anne Bureau of Wonderfulight about her love of lighting and art. more...

Peter Fordham
Issue 76 December/January 2014

Olivia Collette talks to Peter Fordham of DHA Design about his work for the Victoria and Albert Museum and the trip to Pennsylvania that changed his life. more...

Denise Fong
Issue 75 October/November 2013

Denise Fong of Candela applies her lighting acumen to healthcare, sustainability, and the challenges of balancing family with corporate responsibilities. Vilma Barr talks with her about the industry’s rocketing pace of change. more...

Dhruvajyoti ‘DJ’ Ghose
Issue 74 August / September 2013

In a career that has taken him half way around the world and back again, Lighting Design Partnership Director Dhruvajyoti ‘DJ’ Ghose has developed a keen eye for emotionally intelligent lighting design. Pete Brewis visits LDP’s Sydney headquarters to hear the case for light schemes that amplify architecture and resonate with local sensibilities. more...

Johannes Torpe
Issue 73 June / July 2013

Raised on a hippie commune in northern Denmark and instilled with a boundless creative spirit, designer Johannes Torpe has lived a life dedicated to following his passions, along the way building an international reputation for his intelligently branded interiors. Pete Brewis meets up in Milan to discuss the power of good lighting and why life for a designer truly does begin at forty... more...

Ab Rogers
Issue 73 June / July 2013

Lighting Talk with Ab Rogers, Principal of Ab Rogers Design and Creative Director of the May Design Series. more...

Al Borden
Issue 72 April / May 2013

In the space of a week last autumn in New York City, Al Borden attended the public relightings of two of his highest profile projects: the top 30 floors of the Empire State Building, and the façade of the 34-story 230 Park Avenue Building. Vilma Barr caught up with him to discuss the highlights of a glittering career. more...

Paul Nulty
Issue 71 Feb / Mar 2013

Lighting designer Paul Nulty met up with LED lighting pioneer Peter Earle on a damp Friday afternoon in a London café to debate the state of the industry, what quality of light really is and what the future might hold for lighting in general. more...

Johannes Hemann
Issue 71 Feb / Mar 2013

A fascination with the forces of nature and a love of the creative process itself provide the drivers behind the organic forms of designer Johannes Hemann. more...

Ulrike Brandi
Issue 70 Dec / Jan 2013

Underpinning life in innumerable ways, sunlight influences the work of many lighting designers. Yet for German lighting designer Ulrike Brandi, daylight is “the starting point for all thinking about architecture and lighting design. Not only from a functional angle, but in a human-centred approach that places strong emphasis on the basic need for natural daylight.” more...

Paul Gregory
Issue 69 Oct / Nov 2012

According to Paul Gregory, his life is about creating an emotion in the viewer. He admits to looking at each project as an opportunity to produce something wonderful for the owner and to create, with his design colleagues, an immersive environment that engenders a sincere emotional response from the user. Vilma Barr reports. more...

Paulina Villalobos
Issue 68 Aug / Sep 2012

Chilean lighting designer Paulina Villalobos has learnt a lot about life and light in her travels around the world. Now she is organising an event in the desert where the only light visible will be the stars. more...


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