Lighting Designer

    dpa has created an international lighting consultancy Practice, which puts “design excellence” as its main focus. We are working on a wide range of exciting projects throughout the world. Our work includes lighting for all aspects of the built environment.

    With studios in Dubai, Edinburgh, London, Japan and Oxfordshire, we are currently looking for a lighting designer in London/rural Oxfordshire with some international lighting consultancy exposure. Experience with InDesign, AutoCAD, Photoshop, lighting calculation software and language skills, particularly Mandarin and another European language, would be advantageous. Written and spoken English must be to a very high standard and include a significant vocabulary of design and technical lighting.

    Work with other independent international lighting consultants would be beneficial, including time on site for final lighting set ups. Attendance at International Light Fairs, conferences, lectures and other relevant activities would also beneficial to applicants.

    The candidate must be able to present a portfolio of work that demonstrates both creative and technical knowledge and skills associated to lighting design.

    Closing date for applications is 3rd January 2017.
    For further details about dpa, please refer to our website:

    Please e-mail your application letter and CV along with examples of completed projects where you have had a significant contribution to Bryony Garrett